Position Vacant

Acting as administrators of this wiki, (any wiki for that matter) isn't an easy task. It requires dedication and the willingness to take on a special responsibility.

A wiki is a community effort of like minded individuals and is only as good as those who keep it updated. A Bureaucrat is someone willing to lead and manage the community of like minded individual towards a common goal of providing the best single source of information on the internet for the Mobsters2 game.

Councellor's Announcement

It is with great sadness that Councellor must take a step back as Bureaucrat of the Mobsters2 Wiki.

Due to medical issues that have progressed substantially, (and upon the insistence of his medical physicians), Councellor will not be able to continue working as hard on the Mobsters2 Wiki project. For this reason, he has stepped back in his position as Bureaucrat. Updates to the wiki will continue as the M2 community sees fit, and we are asking those who might be interested in managing this wiki to step forward now and advise us of your interest so we can help train you for the role of administrator.

Interested Applicants

If you are interested in applying for the position of administrator, please send an email to the ADMIN STAFF or post your interest on the talk page of this article. You should expect a reply to your response within 24 hours. Thank you.

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