Basic Territory

Tree of Knowledge

The attack list is a random generated listing of mobsters within a one level range of your current skill level. The one level go both directions so you may encounter mobsters that are one level higher or one level lower than your skill level. You can tell how much cash is available for stealing by checking the $$$ signs beside each mobsters name. The more $ signs the greater the amount of cash available for stealing. Money showing in your "on hand" section of the main mobster page is available for stealing as well as any money from territories that have maxed out their cash generated. Territories each come with a vault to hold money generated until it can be banked. When a territory's vault becomes full, any additional money generated before it get's banked becomes available for stealing. You can tell which properties have reached a max out status by looking at the property in the "territories" tab. A vertical vault status bar is located on the right side of each property picture. When the bar reaches the top of the picture, that property has maxed out it's vault's holding capacity therefore all additional money generated by that property becomes available for stealing. It's important to bank your on-hand money and keep your territory vaults less than full. It won't keep you off the attack list, however it will keep you from having a larger target painted on your avatar.

Attack List Questions

1. Is there any way to see how many Money Signs ($$$) on the attack list you have?

Attack List Answers

1. Money Signs

Since you cannot see yourself on the money list, the only way known currently would be to have a second account (often referred to as a mini) or having a friend see you on the list. Since the attack list is a random generated list of members close to your level, it would still be highly unlikely that a mini or friend could come across your name on the attack list (and thereby see your standing of $$$). It appears that you are trying to determine how much money left out would subject you to having a larger $ target painted on your toon. The best answer to that type concern would be to keep your money banked and never worry about the issue. If other users have any way that works to see your $$$ status please let us know.

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