New York Downtown

Requirements Travel Cost
Level: 5 Icon-energy 2
Mob: 1 Icon-money 25

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OPENS at Level 5 - The gleaming facades of skyscrapers mask a million crimes...some violent, others as gentle as pushing a computer key...

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Downtown: Missions

O-Level Mission E-ROI $-ROI Class Notes
20 Get City Sanitation Contract 194% 3333% Icon-briefcase Icon-hat Downtown Mastery Mission
18 Eliminate a Rival Nightclub 173% 1636% Icon-bottle Icon-briefcase
16 Establish a Business as a Front 142% 1731% Icon-briefcase Money Man Class Mastery Mission
? Identity Theft 147% 1579% Icon-briefcase Collection Item Mission
15 Drive Getaway Car 123% 1543% Icon-knife Petty Criminal Class Mastery Mission
? Rob Wall Street Broker 160% 2300% Icon-briefcase
? Jewelry Store Smash-and-Grab 118% 1591% Icon-knife
10 Boost a Car 120% 0 Icon-knife Collection Item Mission
07* Run a Three-Card Monte Scam 114% 1250% Icon-die Icon-knife
05* Pick Pockets 118% 1364% Icon-knife
? Fence Stolen Jewelry 164% ?? Icon-knife
? Assassin's Creed II 200% ??
? Get Rid of Don Antonio's Nephew 224% ?? The Godfathers Mission
07 Decision Time: Muscle a Union Leader 100% ?? The Godfathers Mission
? Decision Time: Turn Down a Rival Club Promoter 100% ?? The Godfathers Mission
? Decision Time: Do Work for a Rival Club Promoter 100% ?? The Godfathers Mission
07 Decision Time: Eliminate a Union Leader 200% ?? The Godfathers Mission
? Find Out Who's Been Skimming 223% ??
07 Taint Rival's Meat Supply ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
18 Get Approval for a Nightclub ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
08 Scare Off a Meat Inspector ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
18 Rescue a Kidnapped Soldier ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
18 Get a Liquor License ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
18 Force a Club to Hire a DJ ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
? Attack A Convoy ?? ?? Icon-bottle Dtd truck
20 Decision Time: Send Money to Mom ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
20 Decision Time: Tell Mom to Take a Hike ?? ?? The Godfathers Mission
07* Complete the Deliver ?? ??
? ?? ??

Name Description
O-Level The level when this mission becomes available.
Mission The name of the mission - self explanatory.
E-ROI Experience Return On Investment - A ratio formulated from how much experience you get for the amount of energy you spend to complete a mission. (Higher is better)
$-ROI Money Return On Investment - A ratio formulated from how much money you get for the amount of money you spend to complete a mission. (Higher is better)
Class Types of Missions
Icon-bottle Violence
Icon-die Gambling
Icon-knife Petty Crime
Icon-hat Family Business
Icon-briefcase Business and Finance
Icon-needle Smuggling and Drugs
(A requirement for some missions, credited to specific achievement medals)

Downtown: Equipment

Name Attack Defense Bronx Chinatown Coney Island Downtown Jersey Miami Vegas Sell Enhancement/Notes

Some information contained on this page contributed by: Colin Jaed

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