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SlotM2 The Godfathers private casino, in an unmarked warehouse on an unknown side street in Coney Island, is probably the glitziest gambling parlor on the east coast.
Level: 08

Mission Rewards represent the LOWEST amount you should receive. Your reward may be higher based upon different attribute bonuses collected during game play.
You should only change these reward amounts IF you've received an amount LOWER than what's shown. Random drop rewards are not collected every attempt.

Rewards Requirements
Icon-money Min
Icon-money Max
Special Equipment

Differs per spin
0 1 0

SlotMachine  PayoutTable

You can test your luck on the Godfather's Slot Machine when you Gamble at the Godfather's Casino on Coney Island!

WARNING: Playing the slots can be addicting and uses Favor Points. If you have a gambling problem there are agencies available to help you control your addiction. That was said in jest!

GAME TIP: If you click the small X in the upper right corner of the Slot window without pulling the slot machine arm or playing the slots, you will leave the game/mission and be prompted to notify your friends of your success. Posting this notice on your wall will give your friends the opportunity to collect a free Four Leaf Clover charm. You can do this repeatedly allowing friends to collect multiple clover charms.

For the price of 1 Favor Point minimum per spin, you can try your luck on the slots. You may wager from 1 to 3 favor points per spin (or pull of the lever). Check out the "rewards table" to see what combination pays which amount based on the number of favor points you wager for the spin/pull. If the spinning dials line up with one of the winning combination's you'll win the listed reward. Get three butcher knives lined up in a row or three Mac Trucks and you'll acquire an Achievement Medal for your Mobster page and be awarded a Favor Point for acquiring the achievement medal.

Some players have reported fantastic wins and most indicate success only when having 20 or more favor points at your disposal when starting to play the slots. Others have reported going bust with over 50 favor points. Either way it's a gamble in the true style of "Vegas" !    Suggested Strategy

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