Grand Cayman Islands

Requirements Travel Cost
Level: 65 Icon-energy 3
Mob: 1 Icon-money 250
Bank: $500000

In order to travel to this location you MUST HAVE $500,000 in your game bank.

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By truce of all the families, there's no fighting on Grand Cayman ... no sense spoiling such a delightful little regulation-free oasis. (One-on-one back-alley brawls are okay.)


Random Drop on Missions

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Grand Caymans: MissionsEdit

O-Level Mission E-ROI $-ROI Class Notes
65 Take Bets on a Cricket Game 2,10 84,57 Icon-die
68 Hack A Secure Account 1,79 78,95 Icon-briefcase Word minigame icon
91 Steal and Smuggle Island Treasure 2,36 42 Icon-briefcase Icon-needle
72 Fleece a Tourist 1,71 69 Icon-knife
100 Smuggle Illegal Turtle Meat 2,35 82 Icon-needle
96 Open an Illegal Plastic Surgery Clinic 2,13 114,29 Icon-briefcase
86 Extort Wealthy Golfers 1,77 85,54 Icon-knife
82 Run Island Con on Rich Locals 2,13 83,68 Icon-briefcase
78 Open a Numbered Bank Account 2,14 89,81 Icon-briefcase
105 Launder Money Through a Nightclub 2,12 187,94 Icon-briefcase High $Roi but need 10,000 $ for each time you do it.
110 Establish a Columbian Waypoint 2,37 164,83 Icon-needle
115 Take Over an Offshore Bank 4,23 90,47 Icon-briefcase Icon-hat Highest eRoi of the game for the moment (March, 20 2010) who can be up to 5,50 with Consigliere class
78 Investigate Hotel Records for Embezzling 2,8 140 The Godfathers Mission
78 Interrogate Money Launderer 2,83 159,78 The Godfathers Mission
78 Commandeer Dive Boat 2,83 111,70 The Godfathers Mission

Name Description
O-Level The level when this mission becomes available.
Mission The name of the mission - self explanatory.
E-ROI Experience Return On Investment - A ratio formulated from how much experience you get for the amount of energy you spend to complete a mission. (Higher is better)
$-ROI Money Return On Investment - A ratio formulated from how much money you get for the amount of money you spend to complete a mission. (Higher is better)
Class Types of Missions
Icon-bottle Violence
Icon-die Gambling
Icon-knife Petty Crime
Icon-hat Family Business
Icon-briefcase Business and Finance
Icon-needle Smuggling and Drugs
(A requirement for some missions, credited to specific achievement medals)

Grand Caymans: EquipmentEdit

Name Attack Defense Bronx Chinatown Coney Island Downtown Jersey Miami Vegas Sell Enhancement/Notes
name att def B C CI D J M V sel
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