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Mini Games

Mini Games are games within Mobsters 2: Vendetta that, when played, will give you experience, money, loot items or favor points as rewards. Some missions require you to play small interactive games in order to complete the mission. Some games require an investment of money or favor points in order to play.

Poker Hand One game is not optional - the Rewards Card game.
The Rewards Card game gives you a card every time you log on to Mobsters2: Vendetta whether you want it or not. Most other games, like missions, are optional however if you wish to completely master a location, and the location has a mission containing a mini-game in it, you will need to complete that mini-game to be awarded the location mastery.

Some mission mini-games operate like an ambush-type game of crossfire. Once you select the mission, a pop-up will load and explain the object of the mission as well as the basic operation. Each mission is played in waves of at least 8 (may be more depending on whether you are doing missions in Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum). Each wave arrives in sequence from Sedans, SUVs, Bikers, and Trucks (the final wave will be the "Boss")

Also after each wave is successfully dispatched you have a waiting period in which you can re-assign ground units (buy more/sell, upgrade), or you can hit the "Next Wave" button (bottom right of console) to skip the wait and get back into the action. Selecting the "Next Wave" button as soon as possible increases your total cash reward.

You have three choices of equipment items to equip your ground units; handgun, rocket launcher and automatic rifle. Each ground unit may be upgraded by clicking on the unit to highlight it and then clicking "upgrade". Each level of upgrade costs significantly more and the attack power of the improved unit increases as well.

Ground units (GUs) may be placed on either side but not directly on the roadway. GUs may also be placed atop buildings (keep in mind the effective damage range of the weapon equipped by the GU when strategically placing your GUs.

Note: There is also a Pause and Mute feature (top right of console).

Mini-Games Strategy

Some mission mini-games operate like word scramble type games. Your task is to unscramble a group of letters to make as many words as possible within a specific time frame. Identifying certain words will give you additional time to continue playing.


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