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Consolidated Equipment List    |  Mission Loot items provide a means of protecting yourself, generate cash within the game and are sometimes required to complete missions.
                                               "Some jobs require some stuff you might pick up during your... misadventures..."

Icon Name Locale Attack Defense FP Cost Enhancement/Notes
Bottle of Oxycontin Bottle of OxyContin The Bronx Obtain from Shoplift From A Drug Store mission
Forged Car Title Forged Car Title 2
Pair of Counterfeit Levis Pair of Counterfeit Levis Downtown Obtain from Fence Stolen Jewelry mission
Pair of NFL Tickets Vegas Obtain from Cheat at Cards mission
Stolen Car Stereo The Bronx Obtain from Manage a Chop Shop mission
Stolen Necklace Stolen Necklace 3
Vial of Crack Vegas Obtain from Swipe a High Roller's Suitcase mission
Ignition Puller Ignition Puller The Bronx Obtain from Strip a Car mission
Needed for Boost a Car mission
HiredGun Hired Gun 20 Mob Size +1
Obtain from Fight Local Unions mission and the Godfather
Ignition Activated Car Bomb Ignition Activated Car Bomb Vegas 17 4 Not buyable Obtain from Deliver a "Message" mission
Fake Faberge Egg Fake Faberge Egg Moscow Not buyable Obtain from Prepare a Fake Faberge Egg mission
False Russian Passport False Russian Passport Moscow Not buyable Obtain from Passport Scam mission
Skilled Artisan Skilled Artisan Moscow Not buyable Obtain from Start Mail Order Bride Service mission
Diplomatic Documentation Diplomatic Documentation Moscow Not buyable Obtain from Get Politician Drunk mission
Museum Security Clearance Museum Security Clearance Moscow Not buyable Obtain from Create your own Vodka Brand mission
A Crooked Museum Guard A Crooked Museum Guard Moscow Not buyable Obtain from Bribe the Police mission
Stolen Weapons Stolen Weapons Not buyable Obtain from Raid Weapons Outpost mission
TopShelfLiquor Case of Top Shelf Liquor Vegas Obtain from Take Over a Rival Casino mission
Dupe Dupe Not buyable

Cellphone Cellphone Not buyable - no sale

Case of Counterfeit Casino Chips Case of Counterfeit Casino Chips Vegas
(future item)
(future item)

Locale Who/where to obtain the item(s) from    (ie; Godfather, Black Market)
Attack The amount of points added to your character's overall attack stats
Defense The amount of points added to your character's overall defense stats
FP Favor points
Featured Items Items which can be obtained via Gifts or bought in game with favor points.
In most cases these items have higher stats than regular equipment items making them very valuable and useful for fights
Enhancement/Notes Indicates any special buffs or notes associated with the item.    (ie; +Stamina, -Bank Fees, or +Healing Time)

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