Money takes the form of virtual cash in the Mobsters2 world. It is generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value and a means of payment between the player and game.
It is only one form of payment, another is Favor Points.

Players may acquire money from the game as a reward for effort made in completing various actions, selling assets, or from other players.
Players have a chance to steal "exposed" money from opponents during a fight.

Exposed money is cash collected during gameplay that is not banked right away and money generated from territories that exceed it's max holding capacity.

The holding capacity (holding tank) for territories can be monitored by viewing a vertical progress bar located on the side of the territory picture on the Territories tab.
Since territories generate cash constantly, it is possible for you to have exposed money while being offline (out of game).

Opponents are alerted to a player's exposed money by $$$ signs posted on the Attack page located on the Attack tab.

There are no warning or alert notices given to the player holding exposed money and many times you may be attacked by opponents and not be aware that you have money that's exposed.

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