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If you are experiencing errors when attempting to view a wiki page, it most likely is because of the particular browser you are choosing to use. Individuals who are using the Google Chrome (GC) browser often report pages not displaying correctly or overlapping of images and articles/text. This is a result of how Google Chrome chooses to display certain html markup codes. From what we've found out so far, GC by design seems to be a streamlined version of an internet browser. Our understanding of the problem is that by choosing to streamline it's platform, it chooses not to consider html codes that it considers "extra fluff" or "unneccessary" coding. This causes the browser to "exclude" the code and therefore ultimately results in an inproper display of a website's page. While individuals choose to use GC for many different reasons, those who do, should be aware that by using whichever browser you ultimately choose, you are willing to accept any limitations that may arise from using it's platform. This wiki website is designed to work with many different browsers.

DO NOT ATTEMPT to change the page format/display codes (as doing so would be a direct violation of the Terms of Use)
Instead, try using a different internet browser such as Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Netscape or Firefox.
These browsers have been tested and verified to work with all pages displayed on this site.

Here's a few things you might try if you decide to continue using GC with this wiki site:

IF you are having problems with a page not showing up correctly, or at all...#Try zooming out or in ( ctrl )+( - or + )

  1. Since this site is a password protected site, try turning off DNS PREFETCHING, and clearing the cache (some sites require that you do this each visit)
  2. Make sure you installed CHROME from and no where else
  3. Is your internet connection set up correctly? If on a router or "internet box" you must be using LAN settings (proxy button in options)

Again, if using Google Chrome seems to be problematic for you, try using another browser. If you still have problems after switching to another browser, send an email to the Admin Staff.


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