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     Posting third party programs or tools requires authorization of the Mobsters2 Wiki admin team.

     There are several steps that must be completed before we can post any such tools. Issues
     pertaining to copyright, virus protection, usefulness, legal use, and terms of service from all
     involved parties are some of the areas that must be addressed.

     While we understand your desire to "share the wealth" with your fellow players, we must
     address the issue of third party tools from a broader prospectus and will work to provide
     an avenue on this wiki to every item that clears our review procedures as soon as possible.

     If you have any items that you would like to see included in the list of Third Party tools
     please send an email to listing the following information:

               1.  Your Name
               2.  Program/Tool Name
               3.  Description of program/tool
               4.  Website Address (or where program/tool may be obtained)
               5.  Cost of program/tool
               6.  How the item is useful or relates (to the Mobsters2 game)
               7.  Your review of the item (what you like and dislike about it)

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